What to do after installing WordPress?

Alright. You have successfully install and configure WordPress in your server. What now? Here are some things you needed to do after a clean install of WordPress application.

First, you need to secure your wordpress login. (Please don’t use default username and password of the wordpress. Always change this credentials. For obvious reason.)

Secure your login page by changing the default location of the admin login page. Everybody knows the default login page is at “http://yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin”. To change this you can use the wp-security. This plugin does a lot of things for you in your security. Limit login. Database and user security. So make sure you check it out. Invest in security. Your data is your bread and butter.

Install your site building plugin tool (wpbaker or elementor). I will soon post about my review on each tool.

Install your themes. Themes can vary on your taste and on your building tool compatibility.  Make sure you check the support. But even a simple theme can be made beautiful you just need great imagination and practice.

That is all the most important things you need to do when setting up your wordpress website.