Securing WordPress eCommerce Store

Here are some tips and ways how to secure eCommerce store.

In this post I will be sharing how to secure your website by encrypting your data specifically your customer’s data to ensure protection of you eCommerce website.

I hope you have read my previous post about how to basically secure your website before and after installing the WordPress in your server. Here is the link if you have not read it yet. What to do after installing WordPress?

Thousands of WordPress are being attack and hacked every single day. Be paranoid and deploy primary defenses for your WordPress website. Read the basic WordPress security measures that you can implement from the previous post if you have not read it here is the link(Blah blah link). 

  1. Install only eCommerce plugin vindicated by WordPess
  2. Long term support themes. This are mostly premium themes.
  3. Install a backup plugin and save seperately
  4. Install a TLS or SSL version 2
  5.  Install WordPress security plugin Wordfence or iThemes.
Do this WordPress security tips for all your WordPress website and protect yourself.