How to setup a eCommerce shop for physical product using Woocommerce

This How To is building a digital shop using WooCommerce. You just need an understanding about WordPress and WooCommerce functions and features. The focus of this blog is setting up WooCommerce to display products to the shop page and checking out.Prerequisite:Webserver localhost or hosted somewhere in the internet with installed WordPress.

1. Install WooCommerce plugin.

In the left side of your dashboard go to Plugins > Add New.In the search box type in “woocommerce”, in the search result look for WooCommerce then click “Install Now” button.Wait for a while to install and click “Activate”.It will redirect you to plugin page scroll down and see WooCommerce installed and activated.

2. Setup WooCommerce Pages

In the left side of your Dashboard hover over WooCommerce > Status.Click Tools in the tab menu.Scroll down look for “Create default WooCommerce Pages” and click “Create pages”.This will create pages for the eCommerce such as Shop, Cart, My Account, and Checkout pages.Go to see Pages > All pages to view created pages.Pages would look like these.Set your address and your selling location. In the left of your dashboard hover over WooCommerce and click Settings. In the general tab scroll down enter your location.Specify the location where are you going to sell your products.Set currency.Save changes. Scroll back up and click product tab to set measurement details.Save changes.

3. Add New Product

In the left side of your Dashboard hover over Products > Add New.Give a product name.Enter a regular price.  Click the Inventory tab. Give a SKU (Product number).  If you want to manage stock meaning you monitor stocks and will alert you when there is minimum inventory, tick manage stock. Allow backorders means if you run out of stock the clients can still order and be inform that they have to wait.Enter shipping details.Give a product description.Create a category for your product.Add featured image and images for the gallery.Hit publish.  Click view post to see your product page.  There you go, you have an online digital shop selling physical products.