How to install a free SSL certificate in your website

From July 2018 Google Chrome browser has decided to flag websites without SSL Certificates as insecure.

At the left hand side of the website name now they displayed that says “Not secure”.

When you click on the exclamation icon this it says your connection to this site is not secure you should not enter any sensitive information on this site for example password or credit cards because it could be stolen by attackers.

This is quite a dangerous thing we don’t want this to be shown on our website.

Disadvantages of not having an SSL certificate on your website

  1. It will back off visitors because it is displaying it is not safe.
  2. For an e-commerce website you cannot accept payment on your website you can accept a credit or debit card payment .
  3. Not getting SEO ranks or will not get higher rank in Google


The good thing is that SSL is provided for free with almost any web hosting provider.

To do is you need to go to your web hosting provider cpanel.

Go to security section. Find Lets Encrypt SSL and click it.

In the Issue a new certificate section find your domain name and click issue or the “+” icon.

Leave the settings default and click issue.

And that’s it.

You get a FREE SSL certificate. You are now considered by Google as secure website.

Visit your website and it will now turn from HTTP to HTTPS.

This is just a basic website security that you can implement. If you are running ecommerce website make sure you install the TLS which is the upgrade or version 2.0 of the SSL. This has a cost though but it is safer than the basic free SSL.

If you are running a non transaction website the SSL certificate will work just fine. With basic SSL website security is better than no SSL at all.