6 Tips on Updating WordPress, Themes and Plugins

There is no doubt that updating WordPress core, themes and plugins are necessary for a lot of reasons. The main reason is for security. The hackers will always try to find different ways to hack into your website or your web properties and either cause havoc or just to prove they can do it.

This is a real pain especially when it happens and if you’re not properly prepared for it. You can actually lose a lot of time because you might have to rebuild your site from scratch if you’re not taking the power precautions to protect your site and to save all the backups of your website.

Another important reason is bug fixes. This is important so that your website will not break.

Last reason is for additional features and upgrading of design from the developer. And this is not really urgent updates.

Things to remember when updating WordPress, Themes, and Plugines

  1. Always make backup of your website. You can do it manually or use a plugin to do this job.
  2. Install a rollback plugin this will help you rollback to the previous version if there will be a bad effect in your website.
  3. Install WordPress first, second theme, lastly plugins.
  4. Do not install update in bulk for plugins. Why? Because when your website break you will nobody to blame on. When your site break you can just rollback your plugin.
  5. If you have inactive themes and plugins but still using from time to time, update it too. Because even If they are not active they are still installed in your website. Hackers might use those security holes to go inside your website.
  6. Read the backup what it is all about. If this has security updates urgently install this. Otherwise, do not install just yet. Why? Most likely this updates are not yet tested in your theme or other plugins. Wait at least 2 weeks after other people complain that it break their sites. Usually it takes 2 weeks after the side effect will show up if there will ever be.

It is just easy to update website and bulk update your plugins but it will take a lot of time and resources to rebuild your website if you are not careful. Doing extra steps will not hurt but secure your WordPress website.